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Cherry Bulletwill be making a comeback with their 1st digital single 'Hands Up' on Feb. 11!

It has been a while since we have heard from the girls and we are more excited to check out what their comeback will be about. If you have not check out their music video teaser, you can do so below.

Prior to 'Hands Up' comeback, many would recall that the group had done concepts that were towards pastel, sweet looking and school-girl look. With this comeback, many of their fans noticed how they had transformed 180 degrees!

Take a look below with their concept photos from before and now.

Cherry Bullet Undergoes 180 Degrees Transformation Prior To 'Hands Up' Comeback

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The girls had become more mature and now have a cool and stylish image. They have returned with an even more energetic song and many of their fans could not wait to see this different side too.

Share with us which concept of Cherry Bullet do you like the best so far!


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Cherry Bullet

Cherry Bullet

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Feb 11, 2020 07:38 pm

I dont know but the girsl seemed a lot thinner and had sad looks on them. Its maybe just for their concept but you can really feel something is amiss on the looks of their eyes. Maybe they're worries bcos they've just lost 3 members. I'm actually quite sad on this as well. I hope this comeback does them good.