An arrest warrant for former FT ISLAND member Choi JongHoon was approved by the Seoul Central District Court recently on May 9th, 10 PM KST.

The former entertainer has been caught up in the recent Jung JoonYoung scandal. He was revealed to have been one of the celebrity members in a chatroom with Jung JoonYoung, SeungRi (former BIGBANG), and Roy Kim, where the distribution of explicit hidden camera videos were being distributed.

In addition, Choi JongHoon has also been accused of rape.

He has been charged for the crime and has been arrested as the authorities feel he may pose a threat in destroying evidence. Choi was also seen in handcuffs and bound by ropes in front of the police station earlier today.

Choi JongHoon Arrested On Grounds He May Destroy Evidence


Stay tuned for updates!


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May 10, 2019 10:17 am

It took so long to get him arrested, i'm sure those solid evidence are long gone by now.