According to South Korean news agency Osen, K-Pop idol ChungHa recently settled her family's debt and also revealed how much allowance she receives from her mother on a monthly basis.

She was asked what she did after seeing success with her solo activities.

ChungHa revealed that one of the first things that she did was settle her family debt.

In addition to settling her family debt, the former I.O.I member also revealed that she bought her mother a nice designer bag for Christmas because her mother would usually never spend any money on herself and carried eco-bags.

ChungHa also revealed that she receives 500,000 KRW (Approximately $448) for her allowance.

She stated

"I get 500,000 KRW as my monthly allowance. My mother usually gives me a bit more if I need it for something. I usually don't have time to spend much money but I do spend at times when I'm craving a night time snack with friends after practice or want to drop by a cafe."


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Jan 2, 2019 11:03 pm

OK first off having an "allowance" isnt a bad idea but i seriously dont like it when family members are in control of celebrities finances...