On January 6th, ChungHa held her fansign in lieu with the release of the latest digital single 'Gotta Go'. During that time, she had an enjoyable time spending 1:1 time with her fans!

One of her fans asked her a rather interesting question. ChungHa was asked which female idols' choreography she wished to cover.

ChungHa Shares That She Wants To Cover BoA 'Woman' Choreography


The fan gave her the option to choose between BLACKPINK's Jennie 'Solo', TWICE 'Yes or Yes', BoA 'Woman', IZ*ONE 'La Vie en Rose' or others.

It looks like ChungHa decided to go with BoA's 'Woman'!

For those who do not know, BoA 'Woman' choreography became a hot topic because of the extremely challenging moves.

Fans who have seen her reply to the post-it were surprised but also felt that as an amazing dancer like ChungHa, she actually could pull off the difficult moves.

ChungHa is currently promoting 'Gotta Go' on various music shows.

Do you think ChungHa might upload the cover one day?


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