On January 4th through KBS 2FM 'Lee SooJi Gayo GwangJang' radio channel, ChungHa shared her love and feelings for I.O.I members.

For those who do not know, ChungHa made her first appearance on Mnet "Produce 101" Season 1 before debuting as a member of I.O.I. After the disband, she had debuted as a solo artist.

On the radio show, she reminisced her wonderful memories with the other 10 girls by singing I.O.I songs. The very first song which she sang was 'Downpour' which is an emotional song for both their fans and the members.

ChungHa Thanked I.O.I, "Without Them, I Would Not Be Here"


She explained that this song allowed her to remember the time when all 11 of them were pursuing the same dream and she hoped that in the future there would be a chance when all of them would gather and sing with a joyful heart.

Continuing, she also said that if not for I.O.I, she would be where she is right now and thanked the girls for their constant support. She also did not forget to thank her loyal fans who have be supporting and encouraging her since her I.O.I days.

ChungHa Thanked I.O.I, "Without Them, I Would Not Be Here"

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When ChungHa was asked if she keeps in contact with the other I.O.I members, she revealed that she actually keeps in contact with them everyday! She also added how all the girls are like her family members and part of her life that could not be removed.

ChungHa came back recently with 'Gotta Go' on January 2nd.


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