Classic Genius Idols 2016 Compilation



Classic Genius Idols 2016 Compilation

classic genius idols

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The contemporary generation of K-pop idols is considered as the most competent performers throughout the whole K-pop history. Even though the term is not that long, about 2 decades since the first appearance of the legendary idol group, H.O.T, Korean pop has shown remarkable development indeed. The current K-idols are talented not only in music performances but also in many other fields. Kpopmap has compiled idols talented in special field other than singing as of 2016.

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Like Mozart and Bach, there are numbers of classic genius idols showing off their great talents. In many TV shows or their concerts, the classic geniuses have shown unforgettable classic instrument performances. From Henry to Seo Kang Jun, Let’s look through who are the talented idol stars.


Henry – Super Junior M

Specialty: Violin and piano. Henry’s genius playing of classic instruments has been famous since his debut. He showed off impressive violin performance at the Super Junior’s ‘Don’t Don’ stage. He learned to play violin when he was just 6 year old, so the long history of violin is meaningful for him.

Classic Genius Idols 2016 Compilation


BaekHyun – EXO

Specialty: Piano. Baekhyun has shown brilliant piano performances on TV shows. Also for his duet song, ‘Dream’ with SUZY, he showed a breathtaking piano performance, and this upgrades the song’s music quality.

Classic Genius Idols 2016 Compilation

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JaeKyung – Rainbow

Specialty: flute. Jaegyeong showed off her superb flute performance at tvN’s music reality show, ‘Always Cantare 2’. Especially, she posted appreciating message to her parents that she could learn flute when she was young because of their support.

Classic Genius Idols 2016 Compilation


Wendy – Red Velvet

Specialty: Piano, Flute, Saxophone and Guitar. She is multi genius. She studied classical various classical instruments while she was living in Canada in her childhood. She showed off her brilliant guitar playing at the Naver Music’s LIVE TV, ‘Icecream TV’.

Classic Genius Idols 2016 Compilation

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