Idols’ Ideal Type Compilation: CLC

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Idols’ Ideal Type Compilation: CLC

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These days when you mentioned the term ‘black dress’, K-Pop fans would most probably think of CLC. Well, this is because one of their latest hit songs is named ‘Black Dress’.

CLC also known as Crystal Clear, is a K-Pop group formed by Cube Entertainment back in 2015. They began with 5 members but in 2016, two new members were added into their group. Hailing members from Thailand and Hong Kong, CLC is a group filled with international talents. Aside from promoting in South Korea, they have also debuted and undergone promotions in Japan.

In addition to that, CLC members have showed people other sides of them by starring in their own reality shows. Now, let’s get to know them more by finding out their ideal types.


CLC’s Ideal Type


elkie, clc, clc elkie, clc ideal type, elkie ideal type

Cube Entertainment

Someone who is righteous and have a warm heart.



clc, clc eunbin, eunbin, eunbin ideal type, eunbin produce 101

Cube Entertainment

Someone who is affectionate and attentive towards her. Also prefers someone with sharp features. It would be even better if he likes sports! EunBin chose Ahn JaeHyun as her celebrity ideal type.



clc, clc seunghee, clc ideal type, seunghee ideal type,

Cube Entertainment

Someone whose skin is fair and can leave a lingering impression for her. She also prefers someone who is responsible, good in socializing and also good in communication. In addition to that, she also prefers someone who has good manners.



clc, clc ideal type, clc seungyeon, seungyeon, seungyeon ideal type

Cube Entertainment

Someone who listens to her while she speaks and someone who has a hearty appetite. In addition to that, she prefers the guy to be stylish, considerate and sometimes shows side of manliness.



sorn, clc, clc sorn, clc ideal type, sorn ideal type

Cube Entertainment

Someone who has good body proportions and tall. Someone who knows when to laugh and when to get serious. She chose her celebrity ideal type as Lee KwangSoo.



clc, clc yeeun, clc ideal type, yeeun ideal type, yeeun profile

Cube Entertainment

Someone like her father who can give her all the love he has.



clc, clc yujin, clc ideal type, yujin ideal type, clc profile, clc facts

Cube Entertainment

Someone who is cute when smiling but also sexy some times. She prefers someone who can show two different sides.


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