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On December 17th, it was announced that CocoSori's SoRi will be releasing her second single 'I'm Ready' on December 20th.

According to Mole Entertainment, it was revealed that through the teaser released on their official Youtube channel, 'I'm Ready' shows a different side of SoRi compared to her first debut single 'Touch'.

CocoSori's SoRi To Comeback With New Single 'I'm Ready'

Mole Entertainment

It is also shared that 'I'm Ready' is a dance song that goes under the moombahton genre, causing fans to anticipate for this upcoming track.

In addition to that, it was noted that one of the member of the producing team for CocoSori's debut track 'Dark Circle' had participated in the composing and producing for 'I'm Ready' too.

Are you ready for SoRi's comeback?


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