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CocoSori's SoRi will be coming back with a new solo single on September 4th.

On August 27th, Mole Entertainment released the jacket image for SoRi's single 'Touch'. The image shows SoRi striking a pose while wearing a captivating red latex dress. It was also revealed that SoRi had united with a 'dream team' for this new single.

CocoSori's SoRi Went One Round Around The Earth For Her Solo Single

Mole Entertainment

Apparently, the dress is designed by Kudo Atsuko in London. She has also designed for Beyonce's 2018 world tour main outfits as well as for Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and many more. Kudo Atsuko is a world renown latex couture designer and once again crossed path with CocoSori after their debut with 'DarkCircle'.

In addition, many are also paying attention to the photographer. Currently known as the best photographer in Japan's entertainment industry, Nakamura Kazutaka held hands with SoRi. Nakamura Kazutaka is well-known in Japan for her quality works with celebrities and various production.

It was also revealed that SoRi had met Kudo Atsuko personally in London and shared ideas about her outfit. SoRi also made her way to a studio located in Japan to meet up with Nakamura Kazutaka for a photoshoot, fully immersing herself in the concept of her solo single.

In other to prepare for her solo single, SoRi went one round around the Earth, to make sure that the production is the best. Her solo debut project campaign with Makestar was also successful. SoRi managed to receive 350% of the pledge goal!

SoRi will be releasing 'Touch' on September 4th.

Are you excited for her comeback?


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Aug 27, 2018 08:57 pm

Wow Sori looks stunning in those photos...after the mess of Mixnine its nice to see her moving on..