Some K-Pop idols have managed to attend university despite their hectic schedules.

They're not just focused on their idol activities, they also place a lot of importance in doing well academically as well. While it may be difficult to imagine how they managed with so many things to do, most of them pulled it off pretty well.

Below are some college life stories of K-Pop idols that have been talked a lot about by South Korean netizens.


Zico Nearly Missed His Graduation Ceremony

On the day of his graduation, Zico almost missed out on it and hurried in at the last minute to receive his diploma. VIXX member HongBin apparently found it amusing.


HongBin Did Ballet?

VIXX member HongBin was unable to register for the classes he wanted and had no choice but to take ballet classes to fill his required credits.



Aron Has Quite An Impressive Academic Resume

NU'EST member Aron ranks in the 0.5% percentile for the highest SAT scores in the US. He was also accepted to NYU's Journalism department but decided to pursue a career as a K-Pop idol instead.




Leader-like Ong SeongWu

Wanna One member Ong SeongWu was the student head of his department during his university days.



Universities Recognized MinHyun's Visuals Too

Wanna One member Hwang MinHyun was the model for a Korean SAT lecture promotion and a university.

College Life Stories Of K-Pop Idols


College Life Stories Of K-Pop Idols



Young K Proved To Be A Role Model Student

Despite his hectic schedule, which involves band practice, songwriting sessions, recording, and etc. he managed to get straight A's in university.


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