TaeYeon was on air in V Live, communicating with fans like they were right beside her.

Comfy Pose Pulls the Real TaeYeon Out in V Live


Unlike most broadcasts, she laid back comfortably in her bed during the program, which made the viewers and the broadcaster, herself, feel chilled and relaxed. Lying down while on air has been a new boom started by a Korean Comedian and is gaining popularity by different programs. The reactions of her broadcast were very positive as well which showed that she was successful in trying the new style.

Besides from her new album, which is a big hit, she talked about her voice. Since this album contains such diverse songs, fans have wondered about changes of her voice. TaeYeon admitted that her voice changes by who she is with, or what kind of situation she is in. Fans were glad to hear TaeYeon communicating with them in a truthful way, and it did seem like she was talking to her best friends.
She always suggested some of her favorite songs, ‘Bright’ by Kehlani and ‘When We Were Young’ by Adele. Some of her new songs were also played, such as ‘Fine’, as well as ‘I’ which she addressed as “Her Life Time Song”.

At the end of the broadcast, she promised to work hard for songs and videos for fans.

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