Competitors to Friends, Boys of “Produce 101” Takes Good Care of Each Other

Lee EuiWoong from “Produce 101” celebrated his birthday in his high school.

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Produce 101 SE2, Produce 101 Lee EuiWoong, Produce 101 Joo HakNyeon


He is currently attending an HanLim Art High School as a freshman. Also, another boy from the program, Joo HakNyeon attends the same school as a third year student.

Joo HakNyeon prepared a cake for Lee EuiWoong on his birthday, and celebrated him in school.

It was good to see boys getting along well with each other, although they are in a completion program.

Friends of UiWoong says that he is very diligent, coming to school every day, although he must be very busy at the moment.

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“Produce 101” Season 2, Third Person to Break Away

Produce 101 is having a third trainee quitting the program by one’s will.

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Produce 101, Produce 101 season 2, Produce 101 Nam YoonSung


There has been two people already, Kim SiHyun from Choon Entertainemnt and another person who quitted until Nam YoonSung from I. ONE Entertainment declared that he could no longer go on for his health issues.

Produce 101 Season 2 is already having three breakaways, although the first episode wasn’t even aired yet.

Some worry that the program will not be following the reputation of season 1, while the others, take is as not big deal, for there were breakaways on the first season as well.

Also, reasons for trainees’ quitting are diverse, where some believe that the program is being too harsh on them, while the others believe that they are scared of their past being revealed by the public as they get known.

Produce 101 is certainly a program with so much attentions as well as controversies as well.

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Produce 101 Season 2 Goes Too Far in Dividing Groups

Produce 101 Season 2 is being harshly criticized for having “Caste System” in the program.

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Produce 101 SE2. Produce 101 Mnet, Produce 101 boys


The nature of Produce 101 is continuous competition, however, they went too far in labeling the trainees. Boys were divided in to groups from A to F, and they were treated differently, also discriminatingly. Their labeling did not only linger in stages, but also in back stage.

The groups had to eat in different times, go back home in different times and most surprisingly of all these facts, use the restroom differently. As the groups go lower in ranking, they more restrictions they had, and they reached where they were banned of physiological rhythms. Food was also not something easy to get for the lower rankings. The higher rankings were served first, so when the food was all gone, the lower groups were not served at all except for rice only.

People condemned the producer of going too far. The program was supposed to give chance to trainees, not show give them despair. The trainees had no choice but to go through this hardship to let their face known to the public, although they know it does not make sense at all.

Mnet officially stated that they “did not have a choice” to handle that number of boys. Also, the entertainment enterprises wanted their boys to a legend like Kim SoHye, who went from F group to A and debuted as I.O.I.

People say that the program is learning from “Caste System” which needs to be banned and get rid of. Many feel both pitiful for the trainees and angry for unreasonable system.

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