Compilation of K-Pop Idols Looking A Little Too Serious

We’ve heard it from the Joker’s conversation with Batman before. Why so serious? That’s exactly what we’d like to ask these idols.

They might be burnt out from all the shows and interviews in their schedule. Or maybe their just having a bad day. Whatever the case, we’ve compiled some photos of K-Pop idols giving us ‘the look’ that says they’re not amused.



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Plum Boy



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Love Radar



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White Day



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For Astro MoonBin



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Do You


Kang Daniel

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Double Take


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EXO Fans Exhibit Borderline Gangster Behavior Towards BTS Army & Wanna One Wannables

For BTS‘s ARMY and Wanna One‘s Wannables, the 2017 MMA was a tough moment. South Korean netizens are pointing fingers at all the EXO-L‘s. 

South Korean netizens are in frenzy again and are demanding EXO-L’s to apologize for their behavior. Videos have surfaced through SNS revealing moments of profanity and threats being made from EXO-L’s to ARMY and Wannables. Not only were South Korean EXO-L’s verbally assaulting the fans, they were shown on video footages bombarding Wanna One members with profanity while telling them to “sit in the back where they belong.”

Another video footage showed EXO-L’s yelling harshly towards BTS’s ARMY to keep quiet. A member of ARMY posted the video capturing the audio of EXO-L’s threatening verbal behavior expressing frustration over being unable to cheer for BTS. Beginning at 1:05, when BTS was announced as winners for an award, EXO-L’s begin frantically screaming profanities.

We should keep in mind though that not all EXO-L’s behave this way. But the damage has been done and unfortunately, South Korean netizens in general view EXO-L’s with disdain, according to recent news reports. 


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Sana of TWICE Triggers South Korean Netizens

TWICE member Sana seems to have done something to annoy the people of South Korea who were watching the recent Melon Music Awards 2017.

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Cotton Candy

The incident involves singer-songwriter IU who gave a spectacular performance of ‘Through the Night‘ and ‘Dear Name‘. You can see the performance below.

So what exactly happened? Well, it turns out that while the members of TWICE were returning to their seats, each member passed by IU while bowing their heads, a gesture showing respect and also a way to greet one another. All except Sana, who walked right past the singer-songwriter as if she wasn’t there. You can see the actual incident happening in the video below from 1:39. 

Of course, we must keep in mind, it is highly probable that the whole thing is just a small misunderstanding that South Korean netizens are over-reacting about, especially the ones that are IU fans. Both Japanese and South Korean culture involve bowing to greet and show respect, but they can also differ in when the gesture is used. And on a side note, it was surprising to see IU sit all alone during the event as well. What do you think? Is Sana’s behavior something that South Korean netizens should point out and criticize? Or is it all just a misunderstanding that has spiraled out of control? 


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