Compilation of Wanna One’s Cutest Appearances in Advertisements

Today’s current hottest boy band is not only taking over the music scene but also television as well.

From concerts to television, the members of Wanna One are keeping themselves quite busy. And it’s true, money does make the world go around. So if you are young, famous, and beautiful, why not capitalize your God-given assets and put them to good use? 


Innisfree X Wanna One

It has been quite some time now since make-up is no longer a cosmetic tool used prevalently by only women. The modern man also takes meticulous care of his skin in order to maintain a youthful look. So when a cosmetic brand like Innisfree decide to advertise their skin care products and need pretty boys to rep them, it only makes sense that Wanna One comes into the picture. 




YO-HI x Wanna One

What is delicious, sweet, very edible, and good for your health? While most of who are reading this are thinking ‘Wanna One members’, we hate to break it to you that we were implying YO-HI products. Yogurt-based food and pretty boys go almost hand in hand for this occasion. 




K-Swiss x Wanna One

Nothing looks better than hot boys dressed in clean athletic attire. Here’s an eye candy for all the Wanna One fans out there.




HITE x Wanna One

Alcohol and Wanna One. Sounds very much like attributes of a scenario any fan girl would love to be in. How could you possibly refuse a drink with them when they gaze at you this way?




Samsung Pay Shopping x Wanna One

South Korea’s biggest corporation with the nation’s hottest boy band. Sounds like a lot of money. Our boys seem to know a thing or two about finance. Shut up and take my money.

Samsung Pay Shopping CF

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