produce x 101


Mnet recently released an announcement about the upcoming survival program ‘Produce X 101’ including details of the contract as well.

According to the media agency, finalists of ‘Produce X 101’ will be signing a contract that lasts nearly five years in total. The finalists will have to promote exclusively as members of the group that is formed through ‘Produce X 101’ for the  first two years and six months. However, they will be able to promote with their original group for the remaining two years and six months.

This is the longest period for a contract as the first season of ‘Produce 101’ had a period of eight months, the second for a period of seventeen months, and the third and current one is thirty months.

Mnet has also revealed that the idol trainees competing in the show will begin to move in to the dorms in March.

Stay tuned for updates!


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