News reports of former Wanna One member Lai KuanLin requesting for his contract with Cube Entertainment to be terminated have recently been surfacing.

Cube Entertainment responded recently on July 20th stating:

"It's true that we received a letter from a legal representative that requested the termination of our contract with Lai KuanLin.

But there has never been any reason that might have incited such request, which is why we are verifying the authenticity of the letter and also whether if the legal representative has the authorization to act as an attorney.

We have always ensured ever since his debut that Lai KuanLin would become his own artist that is loved by the public by carrying out our duties as his agency.

If our agency is found to have had no problems in the coming legal process, we will be taking legal action."

Stay tuned for updates!


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Lai KuanLin
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