Cube Reveals More Info About Lai KuanLin’s Upcoming Boy Group

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Those of you who have been waiting to hear news about what will happen with Lai GuanLin following his time with Wanna One, you might be surprised to find out the wait won’t be nearly as long as you might’ve thought!

This week, Cube Entertainment opened up about GuanLin’s future activities and gave fans more information about the agency’s upcoming boy group. While no actual name has been confirmed, the agency announced that the group will be making their debut sometime in 2019 – which is only one and a half years away! They also revealed three members that will definitely be joining the line-up.

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Lai GuanLin (17 years old)

lai guan lin, wanna one, kpop 2017, cube entertainment

Cube Entertainment

Voted 7th place during the second season of “Produce 101,” GuanLin is currently promoting alongside project group Wanna One as a rapper. Born and raised in Taiwan, the singer is popular not only for his dancing skills and strong visuals, but his ability to speak Chinese, Korean, and English.


Yoo SeonHo (16 years old)

yoo seon ho, produce 101, cube entertainment

Cube Entertainment

Although he did not make it as far as GuanLin did on “Produce 101,” SeonHo was able to gain plenty of attention during his stint on the program. The two showed their teamwork and adorable chemistry while appearing together on the show – particularly winning over fans with their cover dance of “Troublemaker.”


Jo WooChan (13 years old)

jo woo chan, cube entertainment, show me the money 6


WooChan may not have been on “Produce 101” like the others, but he certainly has experience making waves on a competition program. The 13-year-old rapper appeared as a contestant on “Show Me The Money 6,” where he wowed the judges with his innate talent for rhyming at such a young age.


So far, these three members are the only ones confirmed to be a part of the group. However, Cube Entertainment has expressed the intention to add further members to the line-up via audition. Are you excited to see the group finally make their debut?