It’s been 6 weeks passed since trainees in Produce 101 was evaluated and ranked.

The ranking seemed to be quite stable at first few weeks, however, as the trainees started to make stages, ranking changed every week and almost in an unexpected way.

Some trainees who belonged in the lower rank were caught by the eyes of the public and gained fame. The others who were popular mainly due to handsome looks, were degraded to a lower rank.

The 6th week ranking of Produce 101, aired on May 13th, had some tremendous changes compare to last week.

Let’s take a look.

Current Raking of Produce 101 SE2: As of May 13th


1st – Kim JongHyun (Pledis)

2nd – Kang Daniel (MMO)

3rd – Park JiHoon (Maru Entertainment)

4th – Hwang MinHyun (Pledis)

5th – Lai Guan Lin (Cube)

6th –Ong SeungWoo (Fantagio)

7th – Kim JaeHwan

8th – Kang DongHo (Pledis)

9th – Joo HakNyeon (Cracker)

10th – Lee DaeHwi (Brand New Music)

11th – Yoo SeonHo (Cube)

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