Produce 101 SE2 is now being heavily condemned of the way they showed rank this week. Nothing was shown except the 12th place, which was Hwang MinHyun

Every rank was marked with question mark, except the 12nd place. According to official statement of  Mnet, it is said to be their intention to pull up the tension of the viewers. Since it's only the first 11 members who can debut, the 12th place triggers complicated emotion to both the 12th place trainee and the viewers  as well.

Current Ranking of Produce 101 SE2: As of June 2nd


Though the producer has given his explanation, fans still are furious of using the upsetting feelings the 12th rank and his fans would feel.

The final ranking will be shown through the program on June 7th. 

There is not much of Produce 101 SE2 left. All though it is the best program ever, it sure did have the most controversies for such short amount of time it is being aired. 

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