Produce 101  is, somehow, in the middle of it's season,  as they reach 8th week with half number of trainees left.

Although there are some changes in member of top 11, a number of members stay constantly in top 11 and fans are sure they will be the 101 boys. However, those who are mainly in 10th and 11th place go through constant changes, which makes them unsure about their debut. 

Here is the latest ranking of Produce 101 as of May 26th.

Current Ranking of Produce 101 SE2: As of May 26th


1st - Kim JongHyun

2nd - Lai Guan Lin

3rd - Park JiHoon

4th - Lee DaeHwi

5th - Im YoungMin

6th - Hwang MinHyun

7th - Ong SeungWoo

8th - Kang Daniel

9th - Kim JaeHwan

10th - Joo HakNyeon

11th - Kang DongHo

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