For week 7th, trainees performed in groups, performing the song they chose.

What was special others than the fact that they chose their own songs, was how they were given points by rank. There were mainly two divisions; by performance and by position.

When they were judge by performances, all groups were categorized to Dance, Rap and Vocal. (If the group focused on singing, they would be in the vocal category, if they focused on dance moves, they would be in dance category and if the song was all about rapping, they would belong to rap category.) So basically, they would be only competing within their category.

Also, they were judged by position. Regardless of what category their song belonged to, they were judged by their positions. Rappers vs. Rappers, Singers Vs. Singers and Dancers Vs. Dancers.

Only the first ranks of each chart matters because extra points will be given to the 1st places only. The final chart will be revealed this Friday, May 26th, combined with online votes.

By Performance

Dance: 1st place: Noh TaeHyun

Noh TaeHyun > Joo HakNyeon > Park WooJin > JungJung 

Rap: 1st place: Kim JongHyun

Kim JongHyun > Im YoungMin > Lee GwangHyun 

Vocal:1st place: Lee GunHee 

Lee GunHee > Yoo SunHo > Kim YoungGuk > Kim JaeHwan > Jung SeWoon 


By Position

Dancer: 1st - Noh TaeHyun

                       Noh TaeHyun > Joo HakNyeon > Hong EunKi                

Rapper: 1st - Kim JongHyun

                     Kim JonHyun > Im YoungMin >Lai Guan Lin                  

Vocalist: 1st - Le GunHee

Lee GunHee > Jung DongSoo > Yoo SunHo

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