Project idol group Unnies' s members expressed sadness of disbanding through their lovely autograph letters. Here's photos and translation of them.

All the members of Unnies revealed their sorrow of good-bye on letters because Unnies finished their project girl group activity with the last show on 26th of May.  Let's take a look at what they said to fans!


"Dear my 'DongSangs' (which means younger sisters in Korean) ~♡

Today I am your Unnie and Noona (which both mean older sister in Korean) even though I am younger than you actually. 

Thank you for your support and lovely wishes toward Unnies.

I'll never forget. Thnx you fans of Unnies for making me unforgettable memories!

♥ love yall ♥ "

Cute 'Good Bye' Autograph Letters from Unnies Members




2. Minzy 

"Unnies ♡ Dongsangs (which is the fandom's name of Unnies)

Thank you so much for much love toward us 🙂

Thinking about the time we had together!

I will keep those time deep in my mind

I love you and I will remember you 

Cute 'Good Bye' Autograph Letters from Unnies Members



3. Hong JinYoung

"Hey Dongsangs~ 

I'm so happy enough to fall down into a faint for your amazing love!!

I'll never forget forever 🙁 ♥

Unnies & Dongsangs both have done well ♡"

Cute 'Good Bye' Autograph Letters from Unnies Members




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