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On July 19th, boy group D-CRUNCH has released their schedule for their debut through their official SNS channel.

Through the image, fans were able to see the timeline of their debut as well as the faces of the 9 boys.

According to the promotion timeline, from July 23rd onwards, fans would be able to see the individual pictures of members beginning with HyunWook, HyunHo and HyunWoo.

D-CRUNCH Wants Fans To Know That They Are All Set For Debut

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On July 25th, fans would be treated with the upcoming track list and audio teaser. On August 2nd, the music video teaser will be released and finally on August 6th, the long awaited music video will be released.

It was noted previously that before D-CRUNCH's official debut, some members will be promoting in an unit group called 'GeubSikDan (romanized)'. As such, many are curious as to what kind of music D-CRUNCH will be bringing to the industry.

D-CRUNCH will be debuting through their showcase on August 6th.


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Jul 19, 2018 04:03 pm

Need to have an eyes on them but wow their names