Dal Shabet members SuBin, AYoung, and SeRi's contract to Happy Face Entertainment has ended. What will become of Dal Shabet in the future? 

The official stance of Happy Face Entertainment on the fate of Dal Shabet is 'undecided' at the moment. SeRi, leader of Dal Shabet has opened up through SNS that she can't promise an exact date of her return.

Dal Shabet Members Reveal the Future Fate of the Girl Group


So far, there has never been a second generation K-Pop idol group that has actually fully reunited after having members leaving and moving on with their own career path.

Dal Shabet Members Reveal the Future Fate of the Girl Group


The majority of South Korean fans are currently expressing annoyance at the situation. They have expressed that it is better for an idol group to officially announce a hiatus or disbandment rather than leaving things unclear for everyone. Additionally, fans at this point don't even seem to care anymore since the statements released by entertainment agencies are increasingly losing any sort of credibility.


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