DAM Entertainment

After news reports of former ICIA member SunAh marrying Jung JaeYong of DC DOC, DAM Entertainment released an official statement regarding what they course of action they will be taking.

To begin with, the agency claims that they were not aware that the two K-Pop artists were getting married. Furthermore, the agency also claimed that SunAh was still bound to contractual agreements with them, declaring that the marriage causes complications with the contract involving financial issues.

However, Jung JaeYong's agency Super Jam Record, shot back and stated that SunAh was threatened by DAM Entertainment since two years ago when it was revealed that the two were in a relationship.

And once DAM Entertainment heard of the news of the marriage, the agency allegedly demanded SunAh pay back debts, while threatening to release articles and information about Jung JaeYong if she didn't comply.

Super Jam Record responded by advising DAM Entertainment to halt the threats and communicate in an appropriate manner if there is a debt to settle.


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Nov 2, 2018 05:27 pm

The plaintiffs should be stricken with celibacy