Are you ready for a survival show that focuses on the dancing scene for teenagers? Well, if you are interested in dancing, you should definitely check out KBS "Dancing High"!

The first episode will be airing tonight on September 7th 11 pm KST. Earlier today, the coaches, except for WINNER's Hoony, Highlight'S GiKwang, Hoya, Just Jerk and Lia Kim made it for the press conference.

During the time, many questions were asked to the coaches as well as the PD. They explained that "Dancing High" is different from Mnet "Dancing 9" as it aims to cover the youthful image of teenagers as well as their teamwork and growth.

Prior to the show, they have also released the reaction video of BTS watching clips of contestants who will be appearing on the show. You can check out the clip below to see what it was all about.

Another clip which actually caught the attention from many is Cube Entertainment's Lee JooHyun. If you have watched KBS "The Unit", you would definitely remember her as she was one of the youngest contestants and also her extraordinary talent in dancing.

Above is her 30 seconds PR video and it states that her main genre is urban. Many fans were also delighted to see her on screen once again.

"Dancing High" Hypes Up First Episode With BTS, Familiar Face From "The Unit"


With NCT's JiSung also said to be appearing on the show, many are excited to see how the first episode will unfold.

You can find out more about the contestants on the show through their official website here.

Are you planning to watch "Dancing High"?


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