Rumors of Taiwanese actor Darren Wang being involved with former BIGBANG member SeungRi's scandal have been circulating online recently.

According to the rumors, the actor canceled his press conference for the film 'Playful Kiss' in South Korea due to him being involved in the recent scandals involving SeungRi and Jung JoonYoung who are facing legal troubles for soliciting prostitutes, uploading sex tapes filmed with hidden cameras, and police collusion.

The reason why these rumors were first brought up was because of Darren Wang's close relationship with both SeungRi and Jung JoonYoung.

Darren Wang Warns Legal Action For Rumors Involving Him In SeungRi's Scandal


Darren Wang's agency responded by saying that the actor was merely a close acquaintance of SeungRi and is not involved in the scandals in any way. Furthermore, the agency has stated that they will be taking legal action if false rumors continue to circulate.

Stay tuned for updates!


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