“Arthdal Chronicles” is THE hot drama of the moment. It is the first ancient times fantasy drama of Korea and was produced with a budget of more than 40 billion KRW (or approximately 35,250,000 USD).

Song JoongKi, Kim JiWonJang DongGun, and Kim OkVin are the main actors. It tells the stories of various heroes writing different legends of the mystical and ancient country of ArthdaI. For more information, posters, and teaser, you can check our cast and summary here.

The drama was announced to have various seasons and that is the source of many confusions among fans. Seasons can be seen as parts that divide the drama.

"Part 1: The Children of the Prophecy” - June 1 to June 16 - Episode 1 to 6

“Part 2: Sky Turned Inside Out, Rising Land” - June 22 to July 7 - Episode 7 to 12

“Part 3: Arth, the Prelude to All the Legends” - Sep. 7 to Sep. 22 - Episode 13 to 18

The three first seasons are already filmed. The season 2 will start to air right from the end of season 1. While for season 3, viewers will have to wait two months after the end of season 2.

The drama airs on tvN Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm KST.

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