New K-Pop couple! Uee was spotted on date with KangNam last night.

Uee and KangNam's dating scene is witnessed by Dispatch, an entertainment magazine, again. Two of them are wearing hats and face mask in order to hide themselves. Dispatch revealed several photos including KangNam and Uee dating on 8, July. Two of them had appeared together in "Law of the Jungle" before, and they seem to have become lovers after being friends. Right after these photos are open, Uee denied dating with KangNam and her company announced that they are going to check out if Uee hugged KangNam or not. 

Uee met KangNam in "Law of the Jungle" in May, New Zealand. In the program, mischief KangNam made fun of Uee's no-make up face and they look funny. However, outside of TV program, they have been so sweet to each other. 

Dating Scene of Uee Huging With KangNam Gets Caught


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