Girl group DAYDAY, from HYWY entertainment, decides to take separate paths and put a stop on their way to debut.

DAYDAY from HYWY Calls and End to Their Debut


HYWY was preparing Lee SooHyun, Jeon MinJu, Kim EunBi, Shin SeolA, and Debby as one group called DAYDAY. The girls started posting things about them and their preparation of debut since March to June. The entertainment has mentioned their debut to be around May or June, however, no news was heard from late June until now. The girls did not post anything on their SNS nor on official pages so fans had to keep wondering what was happening to them. 

Last July, one of the members, Lee SooHyun, was suddenly in the middle of a scandal and there were rumors about her dropping out from the group or the group itself disbanding. An official comment just mentioned briefly that the group will be debuting on the late month of the year. However, the one who was in charge of the group's debut was known to have moved to another company. 

HYWY officially posted on 21st, 

I would like to write a word of gratitude and apology to the fans who have patiently waited for the girls' debut. 

HYWY entertainment had gone through some collisions with the staffs as well as with the girls. After a long discussion, we have decided that it's best for everyone for the girls to take their own path. We are so sorry to deliver such news to fans who waited for their debut. Though the girls will not be performing as one, they will be performing individually so we hope you would keep your interest on them. Again, we apologize for disappointing you. 

The post put an end to the girl's debut, but nothing more. Fans are worried about what would happen to the girl and criticized the entertainment for being irresponsible. 

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