D-CRUNCH Official

Following their first comeback after their debut, D-CRUNCH has decided to gift their fans with their very special official name! D-CRUNCH announced through the official Daum fanclub and also linked it on their Twitter.

According to D-CRUNCH, fans are called DIANA.

D-CRUNCH Announces Their Official Fandom Name


For those who do not know yet, D-CRUNCH also means Diamond Crunch. In Korean, diamond can also be known as 'dia' and in this case, D-CRUNCH combined 'DIA' together with 'NA' (me in Korean).

As such, the name for their fans is called 'DIANA'. It also means that the fans who shine for the 9 boys of D-CRUNCH.

Fans of D-CRUNCH are very happy to receive their official name!

Do you like their name too?


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Nov 20, 2018 05:41 am

im so happy for these boys! i just wish people could respect and understand that theyre rookies from a small ent. company so please do support them.
a proud DIANA~ 🙂