"Dear My Name" is a romance fantasy web drama of popular Playlist Studio.

B1A4's GongChan previous acted in web dramas and is the lead actor of this web drama. Rookie Song YooJung is the lead actress.

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Dear My Name 2019

"Dear My Name" (2019 Web Drama): Cast & Summary




Title: Dear My Name/Naui ireumege/나의 이름에게

Director: Park TaeWon

Writer: Choi YooJung

Network: Playlist Studio on Facebook, and YouTube

Runtime: From Nov. 6, Wednesday & Saturday 7 pm KST

# of Episodes: 6

Language: Korean



It is set in a world where the name of the person destined to you is engraved on your wrist. It tells the romance of JiWoo and JaeHa who get linked by destiny in this world and who are looking for love.



"Dear My Name" (2019 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


Song YooJung as Jung JiWoo

She has never been in a relationship because the one destined to her -Yoo JaeHa- has never appeared for 6 years. She is often mistaken as a boy because of her style and hair cut. She entered the architectural department. She is good at sport and studying but love is difficult.


"Dear My Name" (2019 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


B1A4's GongChan as Yoo JaeHa

He is a handsome student of the photography department. He has no interest except for what he is interested in. However, he started to be bothered by the sudden appearance like destiny of JiWoo. At first, he tried his best to avoid her but could not help but think about her. His calm life is about to change.


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"Dear My Name" (2019 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


"Dear My Name" (2019 Web Drama): Cast & Summary


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