Just recently, NBC 'The Voice' was being criticized by BTS fans, as they were accusing the show for using the K-Pop idol group's name for attention and hype.

The reason why fans have been criticizing the show was because a few tweets mentioned BTS and the Jonas Brothers potentially having a collaborative performance in the upcoming final episode of 'The Voice'.

Despite Recent Clout Accusations From BTS Fans Against 'The Voice', Big Hit Confirms Group's Appearance


Of course, 'The Voice' never actually said what exactly BTS would be up for in the tweet, but nevertheless had ARMY's attention. But the tweet was deleted and a new tweet saying Taylor Swift would be appearing on the show's finale had ARMY angry.


We don't exactly know what is going on, but Big Hit Entertainment has confirmed that BTS is somehow involved in the finale of 'The Voice'. Given that the agency has made an official statement on May 15th regarding the group's appearance on the show, there's reason for fans to rest assured that 'The Voice' hasn't been entirely guilty of using the group's name for clout. Hopefully.

Stay tuned for updates!


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