Former DIA Member SeungHee has signed a contract with Urban Works Entertainment.

On 20th, Urban Works Entertainment announced that “SeungHee has recently signed a contract with Urban Works Ent. and will begin her activities as an actor under the name “Jo SeungHee”.”

They continued, “Jo SeungHee is full of passion for acting. She has limitless charms. We are thankful for fans who’ve cheered her on for her new start, and please continue to keep your eyes on her as she will present herself as an actor from now on. Urban Works Ent. will not hold back on both material and emotional supports for her, and will support activities not only in Korea but in overseas as well.”

Jo SeungHee has debuted under the group DIA in 2015, and has captured the hearts of male fans with her looks and images.

DIA’s Former Member SeungHee Signs a Contract with Urban Works


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