To celebrate her birthday, Jung ChaeYeon hosted a special birthday party with her fans just a few hours before heading to Hong Kong for MAMA 2016.

DIA's Jung ChaeYeon will be celebrating her 19th birthday on December 1st, and as a special event the idol will be hosting a "HAPPY CHAEYEON DAY with AID" V-App party right at midnight tonight.

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 ChaeYeon's fans have been spreading advertisement and banners all over Seoul to prepare for her birthday. To express her gratitude, ChaeYeon decided to spend the very first moments of her birthday with her fans. Amidst her busy schedule and preparations for MAMA 2016, ChaeYeon set aside a few hours of her time for an intimate live session with her fans. At 11:00 pm tonight, ChaeYeon will host an hour long live session to talk with her fans around the globe. Afterwards, she will be hosting a special talk at midnight for the specific winning group of fans.

As soon as the V Live ends, ChaeYeon will finish preparing for her MAMA stage with DIA and fly over to Hong Kong for MAMA 2016 rehearsals.

DIA's Jung ChaeYeon Hosts Special Birthday Party Before Heading to MAMA

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