Rookie girl group, DIA, is getting ready to gift their fans with a special present during their first Christmas concert!

MBK Entertainment just released the first photo from DIA's Christmas photoshoot, where we see the 7 girls all dressed up in red and surrounded by snow. With the new photo, the girls revealed a secret plan that they're working on for their upcoming concert!


The girls will be decorating a 5 m long poster personally by hand! DIA's upcoming Christmas concert will be their 1st ever holiday event as a complete group, but it's also special for the fact that they will be celebrating their fan club initiation.

In order to help raise the holiday cheer, the girls have decided to personally decorate the huge poster to reflect their love for AID. The tickets for DIA's Christmas concert will open on December 12th and 13th for a total of 12,000 seats.

The actual event will be held on the 24th and 25th at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul.

DIA Prepares a Special Christmas Present for Their Fans

MBK Entertainment

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