Group DIA will be having a fansign with 100 fans to start off 2017.

DIA will be having a fansign at ShinDangDong for the release of their 2017 calendar. Only 2000 copies of the calendars will be sold, and this fansign will be an event to thank and communicate with the fans.

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The fansign will take place on 7th, with 100 fans from 4PM KST for about 200 minutes. Because it is the first place to meet fans in 2017, they will not only conduct a fansign but selca taking, polaroid and small gift giveaway, and other events to communicate with fans at a closer distance.

DIA said “We hope through this fansign, we’ll be able to communicate comfortably with our fans, and make a good memory. We hope it’ll become a time everyone can enjoy and freely take pictures of.”

DIA to Start off the Year with a Fansign Event

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