Sulli and Choiza are known to be seeing each other until this year March. They have been a constant issue because of Sulli’s inappropriate posts on her lovestagram and the age gap between them.

Recently, Sulli is known to be dating another man, Kim MinJun, a brand director.

According to the official comment by SM entertainment, they have been seeing each other for two months.

2 months??

Hasn't it  been TWO MONTHS since her broke up with Choiza?

It is assumed that she has gone out with him right after their break up, or while she was seeing Choiza.

However, recently, the public was sure that Sulli had been cheating on Choiza and was seeing her current boyfriend while they were sill together because of Choiza’s post on Instagram.

Did Sulli Cheat on Choiza? A Meaningful Post on Choiza’s Instagram

Choiza Instagram

He posted a picture of lamb meat and said “Is this Lamb Meat?” Lamb Meat in Korean is pronounced as “Yang Dari”. The word Yangdari is also used when someone dates two people at once.

He erased his post shortly after, however, it raised a lot of controversies.

Kim MinJun, her new boyfriend is 35 years, another guy with a huge age gap. Also, Kim MinJun and Choiza knew each other even before Sulli did.

It is assumed that Sulli met Kim MinJun through Choiza when they were still together.

Did Sulli Cheat on Choiza? A Meaningful Post on Choiza’s Instagram

Sulli Instagram

(From the left is Choiza, Sulli and Kim MinJun)

Dispatch, one of the biggest paparazzi company in Korea, recently said that Sulli's trip to Peru was accompanied by her new boyfriend. 

What a dramatic life they are living.

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