Discover Seoul: BIGBANG SeungRi’s Japanese Ramen Shop

Think dining alone is for the sad and lonely? If you ask BIGBANG‘s SeungRi, he might tell you that’s the best way to enjoy your meal!

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Last December, the singer opened the first location of his Japanese ramen shop, Aori Ramen, in Gangnam’s plush Cheongdam district (nearby exit 4 of Apgujeong Station).

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The restaurant is centered around tonkotsu ramen, traditional Hakata-style ramen with a pork-based broth. Ingredients include chashu pork belly, braised egg, and crushed garlic. 

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The Place In Between

Influenced by Ichiran and Japan’s other customized-to-order ramen shops, Aori Ramen guests begin by filling out a checklist detailing how they’d like their ramen – with options ranging from portion size to extra toppings. Diners can also select various side dishes and popular Japanese beverages like Asahi beer, green tea, and Ramune soda.

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But perhaps the most exciting part about a trip to Aori Ramen is enjoying your meal alone! Each guest gets their own private booth that has a special service window that limits their interaction with the wait staff when their ramen is finally served.

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This allows diners to focus on and enjoy the unique flavor of the ramen – and sneak in their BIGBANG dolls for company. And for those VIPs who arrived empty-handed, the restaurant occasionally offers unique anime-inspired merchandise for you to take home.

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The Cheongdam location may be the first, but as of this week, it isn’t the only Aori Ramen shop in Seoul. After opening locations in Busan, Osaka, and Tokyo, SeungRi has added a second Aori Ramen nearby Gangnam Station!

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Aori Ramen – Cheongdam Location:

Cheongdam-dong 87-10, 3rd Floor

Gangnam-gu, Seoul

TaeYang 2017 World Tour “White Night” – US & CANADA

Korea’s top solo artist and member of BIGBANG, main vocalist, TAEYANG, announced his second world tour WHITE NIGHT.

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Due to T.O.P‘s drug scandal, it seems apparent that it’s hard time for BIGBANG, however, G-Dragon is successfully touring around the world. Also, G-Dragon‘s solo album made a big hit and he showed his power to make his fans relaxed. In this time, TaeYang’s turn comes. It’s time for TaeYang to make sure for fans that there’s no need to worry about BIGBANG’s future. Besides, because of T.O.P’s lack, it looks impossible to have a group activity, so for them it’s more sensible to have solo activities. Additionally, TaeYang’s time before joining the army in Korea is getting shorter. Maybe it will be the last opportunity for TaeYang to have an world tour before entering army service. Serving army service in Korea is mandatory and also its term is at least 22 months, so there would be a long gap after that. 

YG entertainment announced ‘WHITE NIGHT’ will be held in 8 cities in US and Canada on official SNS. TaeYang already had toured abroad as ‘RISE’ world tour, however, he didn’t visit North America. So it’s TaeYang’s the first concert in North America, and YG entertainment is going to add nations and cities where ‘WHITE NIGHT’ will be held.

World tour title ‘WHITE NIGHT’ means TaeYang himself, who has steadily walked along passionate road of music for a long time, and he is going to greet fans with his perfectly skilled stage manners and hit songs so far.

TaeYang’s 1st World Tour in North America “WHITE NIGHT” will be held at the following cities:

  • Toronto, ON (International Centre) : August 30
  • New York, NY (Theater @ Madison Square Garden) : September 1
  • Chicago, IL (Aragon Ballroom) : September 3
  • Atlanta, GA  (Cobb Energy Center) : September 6
  • Dallas, TX (Bomb Factory) : September 8
  • San Jose, CA (City National Civic) : September 10
  • Los Angeles, CA (Hollywood Palladium) :  September 13
  • Vancouver, BC (The Orpheum) : September 15



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BIGBANG’s Daesung to Feature On Famous Japanese Group’s Album

DaeSung once again proves his overwhelming popularity in Japan by featuring in his hot J-Pop artists’ album.

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King of K-Pop, BIGBANG members are currently busy with their individual activities. G-Dragon recently announced his solo tour and Taeyang kicks off his Japanese solo concerts. Now, DaeSung of BIGBANG will feature in the famous Japanese group DREAMS COME TRUE’s new album.

According to YG Entertainment, DaeSung will feature in ‘The Best Covers of DREAMS COME TRUE ドリウタVol.1’ on July 7th. He will sing the Japanese group’s 5th single ‘笑顔の行方’ which will be released on 1990, meaning ‘trace of a smile’.

He reportedly said, “It’s a great honor to join the cover album. I will try my best to have the best result and hope you guys enjoy it.”

On this cover collection, lots of major Japanese artists feature on it as well, such as Sakamoto Maaya, Miura Daichi, Ms.OOJA, Little Glee Monster and more.

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