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TWICEhas recently came back with their latest song 'MORE & MORE' and it has definitely caught the attention of K-Pop fans.

Aside from the love they are receiving from fans, it looks like even K-Pop idols are also sharing the love they have for the idol group. Not long ago, DreamNote's YOUI had actually uploaded a dance cover of 'MORE & MORE' on their official Twitter account.

Take a look at her sharp and powerful dance moves!

Fans who had seen her moves could not help but showered her with compliments as she had managed to cover it perfectly. Some also shared that YOUI is really good at dancing and loved the fact that she was also able to execute the steps sharply too.

When DreamNote had made their comeback back in January, they had caught the attention of many thanks to their synchronised dancing and cover of many other K-Pop artists.

YOUI was also noticed by many thanks to her resemblance to Red Velvet's Wendy and Irene.

Are you also amazed by her dancing skills?


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