Ella Gross’s Baskin Robbins 31 CF Sparks Controversy Involving Sexual Objectification


Just recently on June 28th, Baskin Robbins 31 Korea launched a new CF starring child model Ella Gross, who is well known to the public for her radiant and exotic beauty.

However, the CF has sparked a controversy among the public as some people feel that the advertisement is sexually objectifying a young girl. People who have been complaining have stated that CF portrayed the child model as an adult and have complained about the makeup and styling applied on Ella.

Of course, there have also been a handful of people expressing disbelief over the complaints and have fired back saying applying makeup on models, regardless of age, is something that is normally done when having video or photo shoots.

Baskin Robbins has responded to the controversy by stating that the entire shooting process was done after a thorough discussion with Ella’s parents while also have the model’s parents supervising the shoot throughout the whole time. The ice cream company has also made the decision to halt the exposure of the CF in order to respect the wishes of people who found it uncomfortable.

Putting all that aside, the CF was actually quite beautifully produced, portraying Ella’s elegant visuals and showing why she is considered as one of the top child models and celebrities in South Korea. In fact, she has often been compared to BLACKPINK member Jennie for having the “rich girl” aura on top of their uncanny resemblance from certain angles.

You can take a look at some of the snippets below!

ella gross gif ella gross gif ella gross gif


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