Where of a continuum between Elsa and Anna K-idol girls stand on?

Even at least a decade ago, warm beauties were more praised and loved by people, but now, the trend is different. We love both cold and warm style beauties. Each style emits its own characteristic attraction, so we cannot say which of them is wrong or right because the standard is totally based on the charm. Cold beauties like Elsa seem so cynical in most of their time, but the rare smile they make melts down all the frozen atmosphere around them. Warm beauties like Anna, Snow White and Cinderella give us endless love and their warm-hearted behaviors bring happy virus.

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We have looked at what charm each style owns, and it is time to check which idol girls are included in which style of Elsa or Anna, now. From hot rookie girl, Nayeon to well-known cold beauty, Krystal, Kpopmap has compiled for you.

Nayeon – TWICE

Nayeon’s bright smile and big faithful eyes tell us she will never leave you. Her minor actions all are considerate. She smiles to her fans and never ends it to cheer her fans up. Many of her pictures have her pretty smile, indeed.

Elsa VS Anna: Cold Or Warm Idol Girls Compilation

Mnet & TWICE Twitter

Seohyun – Girls’ Generation

Seohyun’s kind personality is already famous among fans. According to other GG members, she is kind of a yes girl, so it is so hard to find her saying ‘NO’. Her innocent and kind personality have been caught on many reality TV shows.

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Elsa VS Anna: Cold Or Warm Idol Girls Compilation

M Countdown Capture & Mamma Mia


SUZY looks like an innocent deer, who lives far away from this dirty society. She emits warm aura always, and this can also be found in her energy drink CF. She cheers up thousands of her fans with her kind smile.

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Elsa VS Anna: Cold Or Warm Idol Girls Compilation

Vita 500

Seulgi – Red Velvet

Seulgi looks so cold when she shows a blank face. Her ‘Mussang’, non-double eyelid, seems very effective to decrease the temperature around her more. However, her unique cold charm attracts many fans and her brief smile works like a heater.

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Elsa VS Anna: Cold Or Warm Idol Girls Compilation

The Press & SM Rookies

NANA – After School

NANA, as the world’s most beautiful woman, has her own charisma, any others cannot follow it behind. She emits cold, but sexy charisma. This makes her look more likely Goddess. Her overwhelming cold energy is so fatal, but her warm smile also owns faith.

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Elsa VS Anna: Cold Or Warm Idol Girls Compilation

NANA Twitter & NYLON

Krystal – f(x)

Krystal is well-known cold beauty in Kpop world. Since her debut, she has been loved for her cold charm. Like Elsa, she can make her surroundings frozen, but bring it back to warm with her special smile. Her honest smile shows her good heart.

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Elsa VS Anna: Cold Or Warm Idol Girls Compilation

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