ENHYPEN recently released a remake of the theme song 'HEY TAYO' for the children's program “Tayo the Little Bus”. The EBS television series is highly popular for its innovating storyline based on real buses that run in Seoul. It is able to capture the attention of little kids through lovely little engaging stories. The show is available in eight languages on YouTube including Korean, English, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Indonesian, German, and Russian.

ENHYPEN released a colourful and bright music video that accompanied the theme song and fans noticed how wonderfully the members were able to embody the innocence of the song. This only goes to prove their amazing duality.

Something else that ENGENE in particular were excited about was the fact that member Jay was rapping in the song! It came as a pleasant surprise and fans couldn't help but gush over his rap debut, especially since it happened to be in a children's song! As the ENHYPEN members have no official positions, except for that of the leader, all the members are able to constantly improve on all their skills and become all-rounders in the truest sense of the word. As such, fans are glad that Jay is stepping into rap.

With Jay having showcased his rap skills, fans are now even more expectant of his future in rapping! What did you think of the music video for 'HEY TAYO'? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!


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