It was just revealed that IU participated in EPIK HIGH's new album.

EPIK HIGH's Tablo posted a photo which includes 9 people's photo taken from the back on his Instagram on October 17th. He also added an explanation, "1/3 of featuring lineup in EPIK HIGH 9th album". Only IU's face was opened. 

Also, he spoiled the song that IU and EPIK HIGH made together. On the picture, there were the title of the song, 'LOVESTORY' and lyrics of it. Meanwhile, EPIK HIGH will drop 9th album on October 23rd 6PM(KST). Lots of fans are expressing their expectation on this new album and guessing which artists collaborated with EPIK HIGH. As all the songs that they had dropped were so satisfying and deep, many fans of EPIK HIGH seem to look forward to it.

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