P-NATION artist HyunA recently released her 2021 comeback single 'I'M NOT COOL', for sure to be a club banger even though no one's going to clubs yet due to the pandemic.

So it seems that the choreography to the song has been quite popular among K-Pop fans as many have been wondering how HyunA was able to move so gracefully to such sharp and fast-paced dance moves.


One fan also hilariously pointed out that the choreography looks similar to this scene in the South Korean cartoon series 'Zzangu'.


And meanwhile, P-NATION boss and K-Pop artist PSY, has been busy promoting his artist's recent release in his own way as well. Keep in mind, PSY is quite a talented dancer himself.


What are your thoughts on HyunA's 'I'M NOT COOL' choreography?

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