Mnet recently made an announcement regarding the upcoming season of 'Produce 101', which is reportedly titled 'Produce X 101'.

According to Mnet, the idol trainees who will be participating in 'Produce X 101' will be living in dormitories together beginning in early March, which could mean that they might air previews of some of the idol trainees interacting with each other and preparing for the survival program.

Like the previous three seasons, the upcoming season will also be directed by the same producer Ahn JooYoung. While Mnet has not confirmed nor promised an exact airing date, they have revealed that the staff members are working hard and aiming for an April release.

'Produce X 101' will be a competition between male idol trainees this time, and Mnet has been accepting applicants since the end of 2018. What we do know is that there will be much more participants in the upcoming season in comparison to the previous season 'Produce 48'.

Stay tuned for updates!


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