Everything You Need To Know About YG’s Future Plans: YG Treasure Box, WINNER, and iKON

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Everything You Need To Know About YG’s Future Plans: YG Treasure Box, WINNER, and iKON

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The end of 2018 may be near, but YG Entertainment is reportedly busier than ever as they have many different projects and blueprints scheduled ahead of them.

The agency’s CEO Yang HyunSuk talked in depth about what the game plan is for some of the idol groups under YG. He answered some questions that fans would probably want answers to recently through


Q: There is a new survival program on the way for the purposes of forming a new group to debut in the future?

YG: To clarify, this program will be for the purposes of selecting the members of the new upcoming boy group. BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON all have one thing in common and that is, all the members were selected through a survival program. We believe 2019 will be the best year to launch a new boy group, which will include the finalist of K-Pop Star 2013, Bang YeDam.


Q: The title of the show is…?

YG: The title of the show will be ‘YG Treasure Box’, as many fans have already nicknamed our company that way, saying when artists come into our company, they can never get out. Through ‘YG Treasure Box’, we will unveil every single YG trainee including the ones that have never been presented to the public. We will select members based on the scoring and feedback that the viewers and the public gives us. There are 29 trainees in total, all of whom are between the ages 14-19. Because all of them will be competing, the competition will naturally be higher than ever.


Q: What will be the criteria for selecting the finalists of this program?

YG: The same criteria used for BLACKPINK. Having skills and talent is something that they should already have. In addition to that, we will be looking for good visuals and charisma who have the star factor. While at the moment, we’re thinking of selecting only five, we are open to being flexible depending on the circumstances.


Q: When will YG Treasure Box air?

YG: It is tentatively scheduled to air on November 16th. It can be viewed on V App Live, YouTube, and on TV.


Q: Any plans to make a survival program like ‘MIXNINE’?

YG: None. There are no plans for an audition program that involves having judges. I’ve seen a lot of people chasing their dreams during the eight years of all the survival audition programs including MIXNINE, KPop Star, Superstar K, etc. I’ve met countless participants and I can only say that it was an unpleasant experience.


In addition to the information related to YG Treasure Box, Yang HyunSuk also recently discussed the future plans of YG artists as well.

For SECHSKIES, he stated that the agency is currently deciding when would be best for the members to go into recording for their upcoming new song, whereas Eun JiWon’s new album is currently in the recording stage.

Song Mino‘s solo album is reported to be nearly complete and is scheduled to be released on November 26th. Following Song Mino’s solo album, WINNER is also reportedly releasing their third studio album as well.

And as for iKON, Yang HyunSuk stated that a ‘New Kids Repackage’ album will be released on December 31st. He also mentioned that iKON was able to make three comebacks this year since there was a lot of music produced and ready for release the previous year when they were less active in public.



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