There has long been a misconception about the diets that K-Pop idols go on to maintain their slim and beautiful figure.

Many fans probably have been mislead into believing that frequent starving, eating very little, and so forth are what idols do to look beautiful.


If you thought so as well, forget everything because it actually is not the case.

Below are three reasons why.


SeolHyun Tells You So

AOA's SeolHyun is considered to be one of the fittest female idols in the industry, as pretty much the entire nation of South Korea see her as the woman with the perfect body and visuals.

Everything You Thought You Knew About K-Pop Diet Program Is Pretty Much False


There have been diet plans and meal compilations using her name floating around the internet, which are quite dangerous to follow on a daily basis because it does not provide the adequate amount of nutrition a human being needs.

However, SeolHyun has clarified that this is false.

In fact, neither she herself nor her agency has any restrictions from eating what she likes.

"All lies!"


Trainers Say So

Trainers who have worked with idols have stated that eating the typical false "idol diet" meal is too small and doesn't make any sense.

The trainers have stated that they often assign a meal plan to idols, but it is always different as it is based on their current condition and the goal that they want to achieve.

So any diet plans that say you should be eating one apple, one sweet potato, and a glass of milk, ignore it.



JYP Says So

JYP is one of the most successful K-Pop producer, artist, and businessman, having found JYP Entertainment which was responsible for some of the most successful girl groups such as Miss A, Wonder Girls, TWICE, and etc.

JYP himself has said that he was surprised by how much TWICE member Momo can eat.

Even the meat restaurant owner said he's never seen anyone eat as much as Momo.

Idols, are performing artists, and that means they probably can never survive if all they eat is an apple and a glass of milk a day. They actually need a lot more food, to use for fuel.

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