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Fans of Sulli get ready to rejoice as she will finally be coming back through her own reality TV show. Although the title is to be confirmed, there is a chance that it will be named after her birth name Choi JinRi, called "JinRi Store".

Through her Instagram, she has also given her fans a preview of her upcoming 'Sulli Project' a few days ago. It is most likely that the project will be linked to her reality TV and fans could not help but raise their expectations.

"JinRi Store" will be shown as a lifestyle reality program by showcasing Sulli's daily life. Additionally, the footage of Sulli opening a pop up store by herself will also be included. However, it was not revealed as to what concept the pop up store would be.

The producing director of the program, Kim JiWook, used to work under CJ E&M and is now under SM's label SM CCCLAB. He has previously worked on various reality programs, including cable channel OnStyle "Channel Sosi".

Ex-f(x) Member Sulli To Comeback With Reality TV

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Sulli has debuted in 2005 as a child actress and since then, has gone through various activities as a singer and model too. This will be the first time she will be have her own reality TV show.

It is expected that she will be once again catching viewers' hearts with the unseen sides of her shown through the show. The channel for broadcast is yet to be confirmed.


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