Meet The Crystal Rookie, Purple Beck : Exclusive Interview Behind-the-Scene

JULY 05, 2019

Hello👋, dear Kpopmappers!

On June 27th, Kpopmap just recently had a sit-down interview with the freshest rookie group, Purple Beck!(coming soon!) So today we are sharing some of the captured moments from our interview with grape-like crispy and sweet, Purple Beck just for our global fans 😀!


OMG, it’s PURPLE BECK (/◕ヮ◕)/!!!


They’re standing by for our exclusive interview!!
We’ve captured various moments of each member of the group right after the interview!

Look who we have here.... It's Mini!

Why do you need supplements when mini’s spreading vitamin’s all over!?


#mini #toorefreshing #grapefruit

And here's Yerim!

Did Tinkerbell just came by to say hi???
Fairly-like loveliness dwells all around!


#yerim #yerimbell

Here is the Leader of the group, YeoWool!!
Her charm cannot be hidden from her charismatic eyes!


#leader #yeowool

LaYeon! I love her golden hair that matches her outfit and..her shy smile..... LUVVVVVVV IT
Love and Peace everyone~


#citrusy #layeon

Lastly, the group’s Maknae SeYeon!!
How far are you going to take with that cutenessss!! T.T


#seyeon #maknaeforeal

After individual photo shoots, each member had a separate interview,
In the meanwhile, let’s see what other members are doing at the moment!

hmm? What’s YeRim and YeoWool up to 🤔?!

YeoWool’s writing something 🧐!

They’re sending love to their Beckies💕

YeoWool’s love to Beckies💞, JEOJANG~!!!!

With that smile YeRim ☺, this summer is going to get hotter!!


SeYeon’s cuteness overload 😚!!

Even her side shot is goddess-like….

Every shot is a magazine photoshoot 🤩!

How is that even POSSIBRUUU…!!!!

🔶 🔷 🔶

What is this, a commercial for carbonated water……??#sparklingexplosion

YeoWool shining beauty even in this lighting!

Mini’s allure explosion… (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)ﻭ


When god made YeRim:
One spoon of Beauty
Two spoons of Loveliness

They’re standing to show us the point dance for 'Crystal Ball!!

Mini noticed our camera and posed for us 🤣🤣🤣!!
Thumbs up 👍 for your camera seeking sensibility~~!!

I thought you girls were leaving… what are you girls doing back there?!?!

WHOA! Daebak!! 😆
Purple Beck members all signed the wall!!
#sothoughtful #hearttouched

With their lovely sign, the interview was finally over~!!
Sadly, this is all we have for behind-the-scene photos (T_T)
As I’ve mentioned, the interview will be uploaded real soon so hope you’re all excited 🙏!!!
The summer is coming,(or more like, it’s already here), so why don’t we all listen to 'Crystal Ball' and have an amazing start of this season!!

#guaranteed #crystalball #purplebeck